About Sedao

Sedao manufactures digital signage and communications systems. The company was born out of the broadcast industry, and was established in order to meet the strong demand for high quality digital signage applications that could allow non-technical, non-creative users to create post-production quality screen messaging.

In Sedao’s first few months of trading (in 2004), Sedao products were used for applications as varied as signage in prisons, touch-screen kiosks in the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum and a unique and unrivalled welcome board (using a five-screen video wall) at Cable and Wireless’s Bracknell HQ.

Since its impressive beginnings, Sedao has continued to supply household names like Rolls Royce, Microsoft, HBOS and many of the world's major universities, and 2012 saw Sedao supply one of the UK's largest digital signage systems - with over 1,000 remotely-managed POS systems installed across the Phones4U retail network in the UK. However, it is in its ease of use and affordability that Sedao has really made its name.

Sedao digital signage - less effort and more impact

Sedao products are so simple and affordable that they are used extensively by primary and secondary schools, small retailers, government departments, hotels, bars... and in fact anyone with a screen and a message to convey.

Sedao is proud to be one of the most established companies in the digital signage arena, with success stories across the globe. Having sold to virtually every business sector and with many thousands of screens worldwide showing Sedao-powered content, Sedao continues to lead the way in digital signage.

Why Choose Sedao Digital Signage?

Sedao's products are developed by professionals with a background in the broadcasting industry, and have now become some of the most established and proven products in the digital signage industry.

Each of Sedao's products offers a feature-rich package at an affordable price, and as a result Sedao has enabled digital signage to become the primary communications tool across almost every business sector – so whether you're involved in a 5-star hotel or a small local primary school, Sedao products can work for you (take a look at our bundled products by market sector here).

The advantage that our software has over other existing packages on the market is its ability to allow anyone to create their own professional looking graphics. They can then include, resize and position them alongside almost any other kind of media at any resolution, including HD, and leave it looking as if you have a graphic designer on permanent staff.

Our reputation and extensive client base across every business sector is testimony to why Sedao is the perfect solution for every digital signage system. Whether it's internal communications and visitor messaging in corporate offices, touch-screen kiosks in museums, campus-wide communications in schools and universities, or menus in cafés and hotels, then Sedao has done it.

... And we're always here to help

A standard Sedao support package is provided with each sale of a software title, and includes at least an hour's telephone support and 12 months' email support. We can also offer bespoke service level agreements to include further email and telephone support, on-site training and remote diagnostics of fully-networked Sedao digital signage systems.

For further information, please call us on +44 (0)1271 440 400 or click here to send us a message.

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