The Litchdon Medical Centre

The Litchdon Medical Centre is one of the largest Primary Care medical centres in the UK. Based in Barnstaple, Devon, it houses a highly trained team of doctors, nurses, dispensers, receptionists and phlebotomists, as well as operating a specialist dermatology service. The Centre also runs a Secondary Care Outpatients clinic and has two operating theatres of its own.

Why choose Sedao?

Litchdon Medical Centre invited Sedao to install its digital signage system in the practice’s main reception area in 2011. The intention was to engage and inform patients who were waiting for their appointments, reminding them of the practice’s other services whilst also reinforcing some of the principle messages published by the NHS. The fact that reception staff and GPs would be freed up by not needing to walk to the waiting room to call patients was also an attraction.

Sedao was selected because of the flexibility of its software and its capacity to meet the needs of the practice, in an easy-to-use, affordable solution, and because of the support services the company offers as standard.

The brief

Sedao’s digital signage solution would need to integrate with the practice’s existing patient registration system to provide a patient call function. This was undertaken without any additional hardware.

The benefits

  • Time savings – staff no longer need to walk to the waiting room to call patients.
  • Cost savings – patients are redirected to the services of a practice nurse when the more expensive resources of a GP may not be required.
  • Increased revenues – the practice now notifies patients of forthcoming initiatives, such as flu jab week, as well as informing patients about enhanced services available at the centre.

Technical implementation

Sedao installed Sedao ImageFlyer, the screen zoning software that allows clients to design and arrange their screen using a simple drag and drop feature, resizing and relocating elements on a screen whilst the elements are actually playing. The software is easy to use and plays video, text, images, live TV and existing PowerPoint shows. In addition, a suite of standard background templates were provided, each capable of adopting the client’s logo and colour scheme. Individual staff members were also allowed permissions to update specific areas of the screen, providing total flexibility.

A 42” flat LED screen was installed, along with Sedao’s entry level digital signage player to drive the screen, using data put into ImageFlyer. Windows-based, this is a robust platform that can be used to drive any number of screens required.

A multitude of uses

Litchdon Medical Centre now uses Sedao’s digital signage solution to:

  • Show NHS posters and advertisements – reflecting the latest NHS educational initiatives.
  • Show live TV – such as BBC News, to engage and entertain patients whilst waiting.
  • Announce occasional initiatives – including flu jab week and other practice information.
  • Promote Enhanced Services – highlighting the services that earn the practice more revenue.
  • Call Patients – on-screen text and an audible alert temporarily over-ride the screen graphics to call patients to their appointments.

The Solution

The system design consisted of Sedao SWEP-V2 digital signage players connected to NEC 46in and 42in display screens around Olympia. Every screen had its own SWEP-V2 player in order that every screen way able to show unique content running and following its own schedule. The system also includes a 3 x 1 video wall using large format NEC displays installed at high level behind the main reception desk.

Software for the system was provided via an enterprise ‘Olympia wide’ site license to cover all Sedao software titles. This option was chosen to allow for future expansion with no on-going software costs.

Anne Ward, Director - Litchdon Medical Centre
“Litchdon Medical Centre has benefited enormously from using Sedao over the past 12 months. Our staff have more time to focus on their jobs, and our patients are much better informed. Sedao has come through with everything we asked of them, and more.”

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