Phones4U Signage Hub

Phones4U, the UKs leading mobile phone retailer, tasked their POS marketing agency HSquared Limited to find a partner who could deliver a digital signage solution which was flexible beyond compare. Having looked at almost every solution in the global marketplace HSquared came to Sedao as the provider who could offer the technical specification, within a tight budget, that allowed the clients business model to work.

Initial Client Brief

  • Sensor input to trigger different screen content when different phones or tablets where lifted from display cradles
  • Ability to show interactive touch-screen content relevant to the phone lifted
  • Screens to be able to rotate from landscape to portrait for different campaigns (content and touch screen drivers to follow suit)
  • Dual camera inputs to allow content that could engage directly with the customers
  • Central control and update of content via wifi network
  • NO ongoing cost of ownership

Working HSquared this brief was met in full and 150 ‘flexible signage hubs’ were rolled out to the client’s top 150 stores. Four years later these units are still working and generating revenue for the client.

Phones4U network delivered movie player

Following the success of the signage Hub a national roll-out of display bays featuring non-interactive screens was required. This needed full screen video and poster play back with the requirements of

  • Low cost
  • Support playback of every movie format
  • Wifi connectivity for central delivery of updated content
  • Scheduled playback of movies at start of campaigns
  • USB content ‘auto upload’ in case of wifi issues
  • NO ongoing cost of ownership

This was successfully met by Sedao especially designing Linux based signage player of which more than 1200 units shipped into this network. A key feature of this system was that from inception to the start of this roll-out was only 5 weeks. Sedao added extra features to this player to allow my multiple players to be synchronised together for a window display at the client’s flagship store in Oxford Street, London.

Kevin Higgs MD of HSquared
“Without Sedao’s products, their outstanding value and great attention to client service levels, I do not believe that we could have developed the extensive high street networks that we now manage with some of the country’s most demanding retailers.”

Phones 4U Digital Signage Hub by Sedao Phones 4U Networked Movie Player by Sedao Phones 4U Networked Movie Player by Sedao

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