Sedao Case Studies

Coming out of the professional Broadcast Industry, Sedao Ltd was formed in 2004 and is a UK company that has been creating leading Digital Signage solutions for almost a decade. Customers who have purchased Sedao products include: The Financial Times, Phone4U, JD Williams (SimplyBe and Jacomo stores), Intellectual Property Office (IPO), Coca cola, BAE Systems, EDF Energy, UCAS, Royal Opera House, Haribo plus many more in every possible sector

Sedao are a true UK success story. There are 1000’s of Sedao screens across the UK installed in evey possible market sector, and also many overseas too.

Corporate Communications

With 10 years of providing Digital Signage solutions for corporate communications, examples of Sedao corporate communications systems are virtually limitless. From the first ever Sedao installation, at Cable and Wireless’ European HQ in Bracknell (UK), through to the present day reception digital signage and internal communications are a mainstay of Sedao’s business.

Sedao’s unique success is due to the features of being able to

  • Create screen layouts in minutes using Dynamic Design
  • Allow staff members to be able to update their own screen messages in seconds
  • Expand easily from single screens to many
  • Enterprise level of functionality based on a decade of experience and tens of millions or signage running hours


Sedao digital signage in primary care (doctors), dentists and hospital waiting areas provides attractive, entertaining and informative information screens. Screens can be used to reduce stress by providing an entertaining distraction whilst promoting healthy living and allowing the business of health care use waiting time to “cross -sell’ to patients such as encouraging patients to see a nurse or Pharmacist for minor ailments, promote private practise and more. Incorporating automatic patient calling from the UKs leading Patient management system (TPP SystmOne) allows a Sedao digital sign to save time too.

Healthcare case studies

Retail Signage

In 2009 HSquared Ltd, Phones4U’s POS marketing agency were tasked with finding a digital signage provider to facilitate the introduction of digital signage across the P4U estate. After investigating all the major systems available HSquared put Sedao forward as the only provider who could offer

  • The engineering solution that the client wanted
  • Product at a price that made the system affordable
  • A national content delivery network with no monthly or annual costs, which was essential for the client’s business model to succeed

This resulted in a successful roll-out which was initially on 150 Windows based digital signage players which utilised touch screens, electronic sensors and multiple cameras. This was followed by a 1200 screen Linux player based roll-out of a system designed to P4U’s own requirement. Conception, design, qualification to start of this 1200 screen roll-out was achieved in less than 5 weeks.

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