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Digital signage systems for larger organisations

More effective internal communications

If you are responsible for communicating to your organisation’s workforce, you’ll know how important it is to do it effectively, with immediacy and within budgets. Sending memos and company-wide emails is slow and ineffective, whilst printed posters and ‘deskdrops’ is costly and often just as ineffective. You need your people to engage with what you’re saying, and to become involved in the internal communications culture of the organisation.

Engage, entertain and inform

Sedao’s Communicate is an internal communications solution designed with larger organisations in mind. It provides you with a flexible and highly effective way to engage, entertain and inform your teams, and its unique design software means it can reflect your brand identity perfectly.

Security of valuable corporate data

Communicate works over LAN or VLAN using your standard infrastructure (wired or WiFi). Plus, whilst some other digital signage systems use a 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) business model, Communicate is totally secure and instantly responsive because it uses your existing IT infrastructure and can conform to all your network policies. A message to your staff is sent directly to your staff rather than going via a third party server in a different country.

Vital news and information about the organisation can be shared with different teams across multiple locations, and it can be co-ordinated from a central point or by multiple editors and contributors – immediately and with maximum impact.

  • Quick – Create a screen layout in minutes and update your messages in seconds
  • Targeted – Publish your messages to selected screens in selected locations, tailored to the departments, branches or divisions you want to communicate with. You can also choose to schedule certain messages to appear at different times of day if required
  • Effective – Higher visibility and more engaging content means messages are seen and more readily assimilated by your staff
  • Convenient – Allocate different areas of the screen to different staff. With password protected access to Sedao’s content management software, individuals can take ownership of particular message area. Marketing could manage an area, Production another, the Board another still
  • Cost efficient – No design or print costs, no distribution costs, plus affordable hardware with no ongoing costs

Show the information your staff need to see

Unique to Sedao, Communicate can show unlimited messages at the same time, at any size and in any location on the screen. It also displays all standard forms of content – posters, images, movies, web pages, live TV, PowerPoint® presentations, RSS feeds and more. Every screen layout can be scheduled to start and stop at specific times of day, and can even be scheduled days, weeks or years in advance of when they are needed. We can also integrate with many proprietary business systems to show, for example, information from a database and display it in graphic format.

Support your business activities with vital messages

With a large-format screen, a signage player and Sedao Communicate software at your disposal, you have just what's needed to get your messages across to your teams. Add touch-screen technology and a kiosk unit to the system, and Communicate can become an interactive welcome and sign-in screen in your Reception area, or a process management tool in a production department. Some examples of what you might want to show include:

  • Corporate or divisional promotional videos
  • Company news and updates
  • Your latest press, poster or TV advertising campaigns - separately or all at once in different areas of the screen
  • Targeted messages for particular teams, scheduled for specific times of day
  • Scrolling messages to promote charitable initiatives, social events and more
  • Live TV – such as BBC World News (a Freeview receiver is required)
  • 'Welcome' message, sign-in and way-finding information in Reception

The brand identity of your organisation is protected

Sedao’s class-leading digital signage software provides you with hundreds of professionally-designed background layouts, each of which can be adjusted to match your organisation’s colour palette precisely. Your logo can be added anywhere on the screen and will show undistorted and true to the design.

The ultimate in instant enterprise-wide messaging

If you need to get an urgent message to your workforce, Sedao’s unique Hot Call function allows you to create a bespoke message in seconds, simply by typing it in and pressing a button on your PC’s keyboard.

Emergency and Immediate Messaging (EIM)

Sedao’s unique Hot Call function allows you to have emergency and ‘special’ messaging on standby that can be launched or edited then launched, literally in seconds.

Press a single button from your own desktop PC to have your reception screen switch temporarily to messages such as ‘Please ignore the alarm, this is a drill’, ‘please leave the building’, ‘John Smith please make your way up to the first floor’ and so on.

Multiple-screen installations

For details of running Sedao software across multiple screens on your premises and Sedao Site Licences, please click here.

Call us on +44 (0)1271 440 400 for more details, or click here to send us a message.

Communicate - Sedao's digital signage systems for larger organisations

key features

  • Own-branded – Use your organisation's own logo, colour scheme and background graphics to create a perfectly-branded environment
  • Flexible screen layout – Simple and quick to create new screen designs (if required)
  • Multi-messaging – Can play unlimited messages and graphics, at the same time
  • Plays all media types – Images, video, PowerPoint, live TV, RSS feeds, scrolling texts and more
  • Easy to use – Update message areas in seconds
  • Multi-user admin – Authorised staff members can control their own zone of the screen if required (password protected)
  • Scheduling – Communicate certain messages to staff at times when they are most likely to be close to your signage screens - in the canteen, in Reception, or wherever
  • Integrated – Can generally be linked to other proprietary business management systems, such as stock control systems, diary management software and more
  • Hot-Call function – Allows instant ‘emergency’ messages to be created and published in seconds
  • Economical – No ongoing costs and competitive start-up cost
  • Well supported – Comprehensive training and support available
  • Convenient – Site licences allow all your PC-connected screens to show messages

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