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DualVision Tower

Dual screen free standing digital signage tower

Reception areas and foyers require visually powerful signage with the ability to convey multiple messages. The DV-27 achieves this standing over 2 metres (6ft 6 inches) tall with two large format portrait mounted screens in a stylish and ultra-slim unit. Both screens can showing independent messages giving the DV-27 twice the messaging power of almost any other digital signage system.

The all-in-one signage solution

Designed for Reception areas and other places where space might be limited (such as in a Retail store or in an office corridor), the DV-27 is a complete signage system that comes ready to run. It includes:

  • Robust steel outer casing
  • 2 Full HD screens
  • Built-in Windows®-based signage player
  • Complete suite of Sedao signage software

Simply plug in to a power socket, and the DV-27 is ready to go.

Designed for flexibility

The DV-27 includes a fully-featured Sedao SWEP player allowing unlimited messages zones consisting of any media type you want to use - photos, IP-TV, movies, PowerPoint®, scrolling text, Flash® animations, RSS news feeds and more. Plus, with two screens you can choose to play a single group of messages that move across both screens or perhaps split your messages so that each screen plays a separate set of messages - use it for bi-lingual messages, different subject areas, whatever you require.

Designed for ease of use

Simply connect the DV-27 to your WiFi network and your staff can log in to the DV-27 and update on-screen messages in seconds. The built-in high gain WiFi connection makes it easy to connect to your network, even in areas with poor signal strength. Staff training on how to update a message area typically takes less than a minute.

Designed for maximum visual impact

The DV-27 boasts two off Full-HD screens (1920x1080 pixels each), each one has full horizontal/vertical viewing angles of 178°/ 178° making it easy to read, as visitors approach from any direction, as well as having 300 cd/m² brightness and 5000:1 contrast ratio (typical).. The steel construction makes it rugged and also easy to attach magnetic posters to the rear of the unit, so no space is wasted in promoting your messages and brand.

Using the minimal floor space of just 80cm by 44cm, the DV-27 is ideal for small receptions as well as being imposing enough for large spaces and retail outlets.

Designed for Safety

The DV-27 is a solid steel construction with internal Olson mains power connectors. The structure widens at the base to prevent topple. However, once in position the DV-27 can be further weighted (weight hidden in the base) or bolted to the floor (mounting holes provided) to further ensure stability.

Easy installation and configuration

Physically building the DV-27 is quick. Whilst it's easier with two people, the system can be built by one in situ, and only requires an external mains power connection. Configuring it is just as Simple. Log in to the unit, upload your logo and two photos, pick your preferred company colour and save. The DV-27 will then re-brand all the built-in designer content for you to match the colour scheme you have chosen. Pick the screen layout you want to use from the selection included, and you're finished.

You can also create bespoke screen layouts yourself (the DV-27 comes with a complete range of Sedao signage software), or you can ask Sedao or an authorised dealer to provide this design service for you.

Messaging power: Messaging power - 5 out of 5 Stars
Processing power: Processing power - 4 out of 5 Stars
Robustness: Industrial pedigree - 5 out of 5 Stars
Compactness: Size - 1 out of 5 Stars
Operating system: Operating system - 5 out of 5 Stars
Cost / Affordability: Operating system - 5 out of 5 Stars

key features

  • Maximum visual and messaging impact
  • Supports all messages types including images (photos), movies, IPTV, web pages, scrolling texts, PowerPoint®, Flash® animations, RSS feeds and much more
  • Pre-loaded with Sedao's signage software suite including ImageFlyer, SWEP, QuickChange and more
  • Built-in Sedao SWEP-V2 player
  • Windows® 7 Professional operating system
  • High gain Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Dual FULL monitors with 178° by 178° viewing angles
  • Completely self-contained free-standing unit
  • Ability to relocate unit if required. Floor bolting for security and safety as needed
  • Rugged steel construction

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