Retail Digital Signage

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Digital POS and signage systems for retail networks

A range of hard-working networked digital POS solutions

Over half of retail purchase decisions are made within the store environment, so it pays for retailers to create the most powerful POS communications. Sedao’s Live-POS provides you with a flexible, robust portfolio of solutions that can be deployed across any size of retail network – from one screen to hundreds of screens located around the country or the world.

Engage, entertain and encourage purchase

Sedao’s Live-POS is designed with larger retail networks in mind. It provides you with a flexible and highly effective way to engage, entertain and inform your customers where it matters most – on the shop floor. Capable of playing any major file format and touch-screen enabled, Live-POS provides you with all the flexibility you might need to run even the most elaborate of POS campaigns.

Central or decentralised management of campaigns

You have the option of storing your own creative work and controlling what is played on each screen, or of allowing retail stores or regional managers to manage their own POS campaigns. Using even our simplest solutions, you can control any number of screens and publish any number of messages on them, wherever they are located. But if you want to provide access to your POS library by managers or other geographically spread-out retail partners, we can offer you a dedicated POS server and provide secure online access to it. That way, the management of campaigns can be decentralised, with your retail outlets each able to select different messages to play.

Show whatever you need to

Unique to Sedao, Live-POS can show unlimited messages at the same time, at any size and in any location on the screen. Much more than a simple advertising system, it can display all standard forms of content – posters, images, movies, web pages, live TV, PowerPoint® presentations, RSS feeds and more – allowing you the utmost flexibility in how you create your communications. Add touch-screen technology and a kiosk unit to the system, and Live-POS can become an interactive information and sales module.

Any size system

Sedao’s products are tailored to suit each customer, so please ask us about our Live-POS solutions and how we can help you to create the most versatile and cost-efficient POS system for your own business.

Multiple-screen installations

For details of running Sedao software across multiple screens on your premises and Sedao Site Licences, please click here.

Call us on +44 (0)1271 440 400 for more details, or click here to send us a message.

key features

  • Easy to use – Sedao Live-POS is a feature-rich digital POS system, but updating message is simple, and can be done in seconds
  • Multi-user – Live-POS can be co-ordinated from a central point or by multiple contributors of creative marketing materials who can be located anywhere there is internet access. Access rights can be controlled and managed securely
  • Multi-message – Live-POS can play anything you need to play, at the same time. Perhaps you merely want to play a series of promotional ‘posters’, but you could also choose to use an area of the screen to show your current TV advertising campaign at the same time. Your screen can be ‘zoned’ and used for any number of separate messages, displayed at the same time
  • Touch-screen enabled – Create interactive kiosks for customers to be informed about products and services, interact with the business and even make payments using their credit card (with the appropriate integration with your RFID or other payment system)
  • Targeted – Publish different POS communications across your network and schedule their timing, perhaps to cater to local languages, regional or national events, customer demographic profiles or other criteria.
  • Scheduling of messages – Any of your communications can be scheduled to play at any time of day, or week, or month. You might choose to use interactive touch-screen kiosks during the day but use the same kit to show ‘poster’ and video displays in your shop windows during the evenings
  • Manage the distribution of POS – Easily co-ordinate the transfer of large POS files to geographically diverse players and screens, ready to be played in-store at a pre-determined time
  • Cost efficient – No design or print costs, no distribution costs, plus affordable hardware with no ongoing costs
  • Integration – Live-POS can be integrated with most existing retail CRM systems, stock control/inventory systems and RFID systems, allowing your interactive POS system to become an essential part of your IT infrastructure
  • Well supported – Comprehensive training and support available

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Each of our solutions is tailored
to each customer’s needs.

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