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Easy content publishing and player control for larger networks

Digital signage systems with more than two screens almost always benefit from having a simple mechanism to publish content, whether it's pushing new presentations to all screens or automatically publishing content as soon as it's updated and publishing that to multiple screens (saving entering the same information multiple times).

When networks reach 10's or 1000's of screens, then easy and reliable content publishing is often the most important feature of all.

Versatile content publishing that works for everyone

Sedao's ContentPublisher software is so versatile if can be (and has been) used for everything from copying photos between screens at primary schools up to delivering content nationally across 100's of high street retail outlets. To see just how versatile ContentPublisher is, please view our white paper, titled Content Management in Signage, which explains the many different ways that content can be published in digital signage situations (Sedao's ContentPublisher supports them all, and more).

To make it even more versatile, ContentPublisher is normally provided as part of a site licence, enabling you to install it on as many players as you need.

Use ContentPublisher to:

Publish new content to your screens

  • When you press the Run button
  • Dynamically - Whenever a user updates their messages ('Auto publishing')
  • At a scheduled time of day - Such as when your network is quiet and users have gone home
  • Every few minutes - Check for new content, and publish any that has been updated


  • Automatically backup your content
  • Deploy content to a brand new screen network
  • Publish content to local and shared folders (with or without authentication) as well as FTP, SFTP and FTPS
  • Turn on and turn off your players remotely at your choice of time of day.
  • Check connectivity to all the players on your LAN
  • View the online/offline status of your screens

Single Click to...

  • Open a web browser to login to your SWEP player
  • Open a remote desktop window to remotely view and control the player
  • Open a file browser to check your files
  • Turn a player on
  • Turn a player off
  • Reboot a player

Power User functions

  1. Chain tasks together, run scripts and batch files to let you do almost anything, such as...
    • Publish a new message to all your screens as soon as a user edits it, then back zip it up and archive it
    • Backup your files and then start your anti-virus running (or vice versa)
    • etc etc if you know how to write batch files you'll love it
  2. Link to Sedao Signage Server for WAN internet delivered content
  3. Integrate with ImageFlyer for emergency messaging systems
  4. Secure ContentPublisher with its own password
  5. View audit information of what content was sent and when
  6. Publish content directly to your web site
  7. Publish content to other manufacturers legacy signage systems

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key features

  • Flexible signage content publishing
  • Publish files to any number of players or PC’s
  • Publish files over LAN, FTP or SFTP
  • Auto publish, manual publish or scheduled publish
  • Push or pull content
  • Easy to configure
  • Remotely turn players on /off manually
  • Remotely turn players on /off on a schedule
  • Automatically create backups of content
  • One click to view players’ remote desktop, web access or files

software options

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