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Multi-featured designer-quality artwork creator

If you have more than one screen and want to show different backgrounds on each (perhaps showing messages in a particular format on one screen but in another format completely on another), QuickChange-PROject allows you to do it effortlessly and quickly.

QuickChange-PROject is a more feature-rich version of Sedao's BackgroundMaker software, and provides unparalleled flexibility when creating professional-looking backgrounds for larger digital signage networks.

How does QuickChange-PROject work?

QuickChange-PROject uses a large portfolio of professionally-designed templates, each of which can be personalised with your own logo, images, colour scheme and text before being saved in industry standard formats (such as BMP and JPG) to a specific location on your network - such as to a particular digital signage player and screen.

Quicker updates with 'linked' backgrounds

Designer-quality screen images can be created in minutes, perfectly personalised with your own colour scheme and your own logo. By 'linking' a series of backgrounds before saving them to their respective players, you can ensure that any information that they share is updated simultaneously (perhaps they both show the same image, the same message or the same RSS feed, but within different layouts).

Each time you change a common element on your signage, every screen displaying a linked background will reflect the change you make, and you can rest assured that it will be formatted correctly for the background layout it is being shown on. This gives you unbeatable freedom to create the layouts you want for each screen you are using. You might display messages in a particular format in the entrance hall, for example, yet display the same information in a completely different format on a screen outside the cafeteria. The same information could be displayed in a 'ticker-tape' style along the base of one screen, but in a scrolling text box on another. The possibilities are almost endless.

Show database or RSS information graphically

QuickChange-PROject can also use information contained in databases, including Excel® spreadsheets, RSS news feeds and picture feeds, allowing high quality graphic displays of information to be created without having to re-type, redesign or reformat any information. Not only that, but once you have set QuickChange-Project up to read information from a particular database source, it can be configured to automatically update all of your screens as soon as that information changes - making it ideal for automatically displaying information that changes regularly - such as calendars, timetables, lunch menus, room allocations, flight times... whatever you need to show.

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Selection of QuickChange PROject Tempaltes

Below is a page turning catalogue to show you a range of QuickChange templates, please use your mouse to turn the pages by clicking corners of the pages and dragging towards the centre.

If you do not see a template that meets your requirements then please visit the Sedao web site to view the full collection or to order a bespoke template.

key features

  • Time-saving - Create stunning background artwork in minutes, and automate the updating of content across your signage network by 'linking' your backgrounds
  • Convenient - Deliver selected background layouts directly to all your networked digital signage players
  • Versatile - Access an extensive and growing library of professionally designed templates, and personalise them with your own logo, colour scheme, images and texts - all of which can be changd again whenever you wish
  • Cost-efficient - Create and deliver electronic poster campaigns with no on-going costs
  • Flexible - Display database information attractively in a graphic style, and update it as soon as it changes, with no manual intervention. Ideal for:
    • Excel® spreadsheets
    • RSS news and picture feeds
    • Meeting and schedule information
    • Room booking or calendar information

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