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RSS Writer

Local RSS creator software

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS information - usually called RSS Feeds - are the worldwide standard for publishing information in a form that’s easy for everything from mobile phones to web sites to read. When you subscribe to an RSS feed your reader will display the information as soon as it’s updated, keeping you in touch with all the latest news stories, football results, weather and traffic information, and more.

There are MILLIONS of RSS news feeds available on sites like these which is why ImageFlyer lets you play unlimited numbers of RSS feeds.

RSS feeds are also the simplest way for you to create your own news and publish it. It doesn’t matter if your news is ‘We’d like to Welcome Mr Jones to our reception’ , ‘99% increase in attendance today’ or ‘buy more stuff, our prices our great’. Creating and playing RSS news feeds is simple and very powerful.

Sedao provides RSSWriter free with ImageFlyer. This is the simplest way to create an RSS file for use on your local network (or to upload to your website).

Our own RSS website takes RSS to a whole new level by providing unlimited FREE on-line picture RSS feeds. Every news item can be scheduled to appear in advance, letting you set up global news with every news item and showing it only when it’s relevant. If you have a million digital signs and you want them to show a message this Friday morning, it couldn’t be easier. Simply set up your own SedaoliveRSS, point all your copies of ImageFlyer at it and you’re done.

Give different people different accounts. Let a Head Teacher update a message on every screen in school from home whilst a receptionist updates just a reception screen 'welcome', whilst sports staff update a feed that’s seen in school and on the school website. It’s easy and it's FREE.

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Local and online RSS creator software provided FREE from Sedao

key features

  • Licence-free software
  • Simple to use interface
  • Create local RSS Feeds
  • RSS Feeds can also be use on your website
  • Editable via the Sedao SWEP system

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