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Digital Signage CMS allows staff to edit their own area of a digital signage screen in seconds

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The key to successful communications digital signage is the SWEP software that allows non-technical or busy staff members to update screen messages in seconds. SWEP is a local web based CMS (content management system) that allows your administrator to remotely manage a digital signage player and set up password protected users accounts giving staff the ability to simply "log-in, change a message and log-out". Staff can be trained how to change a messages in minutes and once trained it takes literally seconds for them to communicate their messages using the a Sedao digital signage network.

SWEP is an abbreviation for Sedao Web Enabled Player and any player installed with SWEP provides secure local 'intranet' site for updating your signage content using any web browser from any desktop PC, tablet or smart phone connected to your network.

All Sedao Windows based hardware players are pre-installed with SWEP and SWEP can also be purchased as a stand-alone software package.

Staff updates made secure and simple

Staff simply login to the required player on their network with a password protected user name that you create. They are offered a simple editing interface for only messages you've assigned to them. They make a change hit save and then exit.

Update all message types

Staff can be given permission to update whatever elements on screen you want them to. Simply edit welcome text, update photos, upload new movies, switch power point presentations etc

No Client Software

SWEP system uses web server technology on the players so updates are done via any web browser so no software is required to be installed on staff PCs for updating messages zones. These can be done from WindowPC, Apple, SmartPhone etc

Remotely schedule your screens

You or your staff can easily configure what day (or date) and time your digital signage layouts play. Play different layouts at different times of day for different audiences in your building - staff facing messages as staff arrive, client facing messages during the day, messages for security staff and cleaners at night.

Emergency and Immediate Messaging (EIM)

Sedao’s unique Hot Call function allows you to have emergency and ‘special’ messaging on stand buy that can be launched or edited then launched literally in seconds.

Press a single button from your own desktop PC to have your reception screen switch, temporarily, to messages such as ‘Please ignore the alarm, this is a drill’ , ‘please leave the building’, ‘John Smith please make your way up to the first floor’.

Combine with ContentPublisher for network wide automatic publishing

SWEP makes updating a screen Childs play. Combining SWEP with Sedao's ContentPublisher application means that a staff member can edit a message zone in seconds and have it update on an entire network of screens.

You can even configure a system to allow a messages to be updated and published to every PC in your organisation (including standard desktops) for an effective message broadcast / emergency messaging system.

Advanced Features

SWEP also includes functions to view status of the screen, login to the Screen remotely, schedule system commands on the player, create advanced layout schedule groups, track how often a screen layout has been displayed, upload layouts, pull layouts from network shares and more.

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Sedao’s SWEP software turns any PC running ImageFlyer into an easy-to-administer digital signage intranet site

key features

  • Easy-to-use digital signage management interface
  • Access via any internet browser
  • Split management of the screen between a number of different users
  • Set up unlimited user accounts, with different access levels
  • Quickly and easily update your signage from anywhere online
  • Schedule different layouts for different times of day
  • Use 'Hot Call Buttons' for instant messages
  • Schedule system commands from the web interface
  • You don't need to be an IT expert to use it

software options

software price

Each of our solutions is tailored
to each customer’s needs.

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more information and evaluation

SWEP is Sedao software utilising an Apache web server and SQL database server.

It is not recommended that non-technical staff install this product for evaluation on their own desktop PC. Sedao can provide evaluation of this product on request or provide loan signage players with SWEP pre-installed.

Please call +44 (0)1271 440 400 to evaluate SWEP further.

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