Windows Operating System compatibility and hardware recommendation

You can expect Sedao windows based software titles including ImageFlyer, SWEP, Content Publisher and QuickChange to work on almost any desktop or server Windows operating system.

Windows 7 & 8 versions Pro / Ultimate / Enterprise are officially supported. XP is not officially supported, as it is no longer under mainstream Microsoft support, however we have many thousands of windows XP customers systems still in operation and are happy to advise on XP systems with the caveat that newer Sedao features require the use of Microsoft .net 3.5 (and higher) and HTML5 support which can only be found in the more modern operating systems.

Sedao SWEP players ship with Windows PRO operating systems. Sedao SWEP players are designed for 24/7 reliability and we do not migrate to a new Windows operating systems as soon as is released, only once that OS has amassed at least 250,000 trouble free operating hours.

Sedao do not provide support for the use of our products on entry level versions of Microsoft windows such, Home, Home Premium or Starter, though these work perfectly well for many of theapplications.

Sedao do not provide support for Windows Vista, CE, or Windows Embedded systems.

2014 OS summary

Operating System Can I expect it to work? Notes
Windows XP Pro and higher Yes No longer supported
Windows 7 Pro and higher Yes Recommended
Windows 8.1 and higher Yes Under reliability testing
Windows Vista and higher Yes Not supported

Recommended PC specification

There is no minimum specification of hardware to run our Digital Signage play-out software (Imageflyer) beyond that needed to run the operating system. The PC specification is dependent on the screen layouts you wish to run.

Sedao's ImageFlyer software is unique in that it will drive any screen at any resolution and allows for 'unlimited messages zones' on screen.

For example: the Power of a PC required to run a high definition video wall, showing a presentation consisting of a hundred zones, is more intensive a requirement than that required to run a single screen at VGA resolution with a presentation consisting of a slide show, logo and a weather web page.

Therefore we operate a recommended specification which covers the majority of signage applications.

  • 1.10GHz Dual Core Intel Celeron 847 CPU or equivalent
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 250GB HDD

We strongly recommend using Sedao players, as Sedao configure everything from the bios to the windows settings to work reliably and perfectly with our software. However if you wish to install our software on your own build of PC, or your desktop PC and wish to test it first then either

  1. Download and install this demonstration set of layouts and check that they run smoothly on your hardware. This will give a true representation of its capability
  2. Download and run ‘Toms 2D bench mark’ (doesn’t need to be installed) and use this as a rule of thumb
Score Comment
Under 200 Not good enough
200-400 May struggle with too many zones especially if zones are HD movies, Flash or PowerPoint
400-1000 Good for the vast majority of digital signage applications
1000+ Should perform well but could have reliability issues as may be a desktop chipset, not designed for reliability.

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