Small, powerful and cost effective, the SWEP-V2 is an ideal player for multi-zoned digital signage where space and budget are limited

Why use a Sedao SWEP PC?

Sedao provide a range of hardware players called ‘SWEP players’, such as the SWEP-V2. SWEP players differ from normal PC’s, not only in being robust, small and powerful but also that they include software and settings which are essential for reliable, easy to use Digital Signage. Whilst using your own PC’s may seem a cost effective solution it can often be a false economy. Here are some of the advantages to purchasing a specially built Sedao SWEP player.

Can I use my own small PC instead of a more expensive SWEP player?

SWEP CMS system

Hardware Reliability

Configuration of BIOS

Configuration of the Windows Operating System

Third Party Installed Software

Size, Mounting and Connectivity

Resolution Independence and Multi-Screen

Processing Power versus actual Power

Hand Finished in Devon

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